What is it?

Aelia is a fairytale story of a girl understanding and coming to terms with depression. It is a live performance comprising of shadow puppet animation, unique stage visuals and powerful live music. One day, a dark, floating monster starts to follow her, casting a shadow on her life. Aelia has to go through a journey across lands, meeting many strange faces along the way to understand exactly what to do about this depressive creature that lingers around her…

Collaborators: Kate Daggett

Video and photo credit: Adam Daggett

what was my involvement?

I worked in collaboration with Kate Daggett to create the whole piece. This included developing the narrative, making and filming the shadow puppet animation, designing and creating stage props, writing the music and performing the show live.

The animation was created using simple card cutouts and found materials, recorded behind a white screen. I performed the music using a midi keyboard, taiko drum and acoustic guitar. Apple MainStage was used to trigger sounds and manipulate effects on Kates vocals live.

If you have any specific questions about this project, please get in touch through the contact form. Thanks.