We Live Between an Orchestra Tinted Green

What is it?

“We Live Between an Orchestra Tinted Green” is an interactive musical installation exploring ‘hidden’ elements in the lives of our large green guardians: Trees. The installation is based in the imagination of a child who understands a handful of these processes and in-turn playfully pictures how these things might look, feel and sound like. The installation is comprised of a collection of interactive, music making pieces and also includes an element of recorded, spoken storytelling. The installation has been displayed in The Island gallery space in Bristol. There are plans for future exhibition of the work.

Collaborators: Tom Wood (computer engineering) and Susan Windoo (storytelling)

Video and photo credit: DVA Films

what was my involvement?

I conceived and designed this project during my time on the Creative Futures programme run by Creative Youth Network. I was heavily motivated to make this installation in order to try to nurture a greater sense of empathy towards trees. I believe this to be incredibly important right now due to the climate and environmental crisis. I wanted to create a tactile and immersive environment for people to come musically play, manipulate and experiment with the ideas I was exploring in the project.

I re-purposed and recycled lots of analog technology to create the exhibits, and used programmable Arduino computers to create interfaces with midi. I composed all of the sounds and music found in the exhibition.

If you have any specific questions about this project, please get in touch through the contact form. Thanks.